HACCP Australia employs leading, industry experienced food scientists. The depth of our experience makes us ideal candidates for all consultancy in the food industry. We conduct project based work for many organisations in fields as diverse as listeria elimination to packaging reviews.

“they are very impressive…..the deep end of the food tech gene pool”

The HACCP Australia team has over 250 years of combined food science, manufacturing and food industry experience. As a minimum, our staff have tertiary degrees in food science and most of our staff have post graduate qualifications including doctorates and masters degrees.

On top of the formal qualifications, each of our team members has substantial industry experience and this is what makes a massive difference to our abilities. We are not ‘text-book techies’ or ‘labbies’. Not only do we know the difference between an Urschel and a cake of soap, we also know how to strip the first one down and re-assemble it !

Our practical knowledge underpins our science and this combination provides for problem solving and improvement executions which are second to none.

Some fields we are active in;

Food Label development and compliance analysis

We can advise on label requirements and conduct compliance analysis for Australia and international markets. Do you meet the legislated requirements ?

“…the government guy said it was fine to bring in but obviously didn’t look too closely at the label. My project manager took one look and found 4 breaches in as many seconds. She was right and saved me a lot of problems!”

Product Recall

A product recall can be a devastating occurrence in terms of brand, expense and cost. HACCP Australia are experienced in the management of these events and can assist you to navigate through the potential nightmare and minimize your exposure.

We can take a simple technical advisory role or run the process as head of your recall action committee. We can also assist with withdrawal, destruction and recovery strategies for your food business. Further, our business partners can physically remove stock if required.

“We decided to engage HACCP Australia for the recall as the whole event rapidly expanded outside our in-house areas of expertise….it was actually our insurer who gave us the contact and we are so, so glad we went down that path. We have stayed with them ever since but it was the recall consultancy that initially proved their professional capabilities beyond a doubt.”

We can also assist for your preparedness by running mock recalls and assessments for your business. We additionally have strong links into the insurance industry and can point you or your broker to underwriters capable of giving the best advice in this regard.

Expert Witness and litigation

Our professional food scientists are some of the most capable in Australia. Our senior technologists have over 25 years experience in their fields and are often sought to provide expert witness information and professional comment on legal matters.

Thorough, knowledgeable and highly experienced, our technical personnel are relied upon to provide the best information and insights in difficult and often sensitive matters.

Process plant design / Retail Fitout design

Our experienced staff have designed process plants and managed facilities across the country. Our roles take us to many facilities where ‘world’s best’ design criteria are used. We also get to see the bad ones and have a clear understanding of potential pitfalls in process plant design.

“I can see I should have spoken to you lot before I put the plans in….”

Many of our clients seek to ensure any new facility will meet the requirements of the Australian Standards for Food Processing Facilities and the requirements of HACCP. Expensive retro-refits can be avoided by a simple review of draft plans and often improvements to work flows can be suggested by our staff. With over 100 years combined food facility floor time, we have a good idea of what works and what does not.

Legislative interpretation

Although many improvements have been made to the regulations over the past years, the Australian Food Legislation can still be a confusing document to interpret especially in the grey areas that exist.

“HACCP Australia steered me through the very complex regulatory minefields,…they obviously do this all the time. Thanks.”

We work continuously with the Australian Food Standards Code, the individual state Food Acts and the local government regulations and have an intimate knowledge of their workings. We can also assist with international standards and legislation.

Listeria consultancy

Listeria detected in your plant or products can have major implications for the viability of your operations. Product recalls, forced closures and intense scrutiny from the regulators are some of the outcomes that should be expected when this bacteria is detected in ready to eat foods. Three of our staff members have significant experience in the investigation and subsequent elimination of listeria spp from dairy, meats, vegetable and patisserie operations.

“Knowing where to look is half the issue and the staff from HACCP (Australia) put their finger on the problem in a few days….in hindsight it would have been better to get them in earlier. I must say they worked well with the team and the Health Department”

We can definitely assist in reducing your listeria risk profile. Call us for more information.

Process and manufacturing troubleshooting

With years of manufacturing experience in production, QA and management positions, our team can assist with troubleshooting at your facility. Sectors from vegetables to retail, poultry to dairy and beverages to flight catering are covered within our deep experience pool.

Our rates are relatively tiny when compared to the savings and improvements we routinely make at our client organisations.

“I’m not a fan of consultants but I have altered my view when I witness him help strip a pasteuriser and find one of the causes of the problems we were experiencing…the other staff look up to him too….a real straight shooter”

Significant and sustainable improvements to recovery, efficiency and quality are typical outcomes of our work in our client facilities. New processing techniques and improvements to work flows are other common results we deliver.

Microbiological interpretations

HACCP Australia can assist in interpreting results of microbiological sampling of product, surfaces and for shelf life determinations.

If you are unsure of the significance of ‘TNTC’, ‘6×103 per ml’ or ‘MPN<3’, talk to us for a translation into language you and your staff understand. We can also assist with corrective action programmes when the results reveal a problem or a concerning trend.

Other consultancy work we are commissioned for includes;

  • Risk Management
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Building approval sign-offs
  • Shelf life extension
  • Product Development
  • Quality Assurance systems

Talk to us about your needs, we will be glad to propose a solution.