HACCP Food Safety Programmes

HACCP is an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing risk and, when central to an active food safety programme, can provide vendors, the public and government sector bodies with a high degree of comfort that food safety is being taken seriously and is well managed. The concept is not new however. Researchers and suppliers to the NASA space programme developed the system to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of failure above the earth’s atmosphere. Today, many of the world’s best manufacturers and vendors use the system as a basis for their quality management programmes.

Through analysis of hazards and where they can occur, systems and procedures can be implemented to minimise the risk of failure. Critical control points can be managed by appropriately trained in-house staff, providing for a truly hands-on quality management system at each and every operation.

A food safety programme however does not just stop with HACCP. To be effective, pre-requisit programmes such as pest control, recall protocols, hygiene and sanitation need to be developed and implemented. Additionally, the issue of ensuring that suppliers and distributors are also ‘safe’ needs to be addressed through development of ingredient specifications and a vendor quality assurance system.

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HACCP International can provide cost effective solutions to the often complex and onerous problems of food safety, taking responsibility for not only the development of a site specific system, but also for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the methodology.

Our approach is typically executed along the following guidelines:

  • Undertaking of a detailed needs analysis evaluating exactly what is required in order to ensure both compliance with regulations and an enhanced quality assurance system. This process provides for a consultative approach, resulting in an accurately costed, organisation specific solution.
  • Development of site specific HACCP based Food Safety Programme, including pre-requisit programmes where required, such as pest control and recall protocols.
  • Implementation, on a site by site basis, including the training of operators in both safe food handling techniques and the methodology in the food safety system. Staff training is carried out in a simple and practical way, accommodating the needs of unskilled workers who may only have a rudimentary knowledge. Further training of managers, owners and others responsible for health and safety is conducted in greater depth according to the establishment and individual needs.
  • On-going maintenance of the system including regular site visits by our qualified technologists. During these visits, HACCP International personnel review the system and data collected via a mini-audit, providing immediate feedback to the individual operators. Sanitation checks and equipment calibrations are other functions performed at the time. Visits often include training for new staff members at the site or upgrades and refresher courses for those longer-term members.
  • Formal reporting on site and corporate levels to meet the business needs.
  • Customer support and advice.
  • Installation of a Vendor Quality Assurance programme including development of purchasing specifications and approval and auditing of suppliers.

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