We were farmers before we started designing the modular farming system. And we’re still farming today, using the same technology we’ve developed for our customers. We sincerely believe actively growing food is the first and foremost requirement to building farms with farmers in mind.

We want to make food grown by locals a reality to fulfill the ever-growing demand for fresh and longer lasting produce. Our unique perspective gained, from the experience growing and harvesting food in the farms we made, is the reason we’ve built something so different at Modular Farms. Rest assured, when the day comes for you to join this exciting industry, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.


Our Modular Farm System is a complete vertical farming suite designed from scratch to do one thing very well; consistently grow healthy food. We’ve redesigned and rebuilt everything we knew about container farms to bring the world our Primary Module. From the ‘purpose-built’ container, to the custom LED’s, to the seedling/propogation table that took months to develope; every detail was scrutinized to deliver an indoor farm unlike anything else on earth.

Step inside a Modular Farm and you’ll never look at container farms the same again.



Plant Volume
Installed are 5280 plant sites (ie: basil) within 240 x 2.44m ZipGrow Towers however there is the flexibility to adjust the placement for small or large plant types.

The LED lights were specifically designed to grow crops, and to promote maximum growth, these lights are placed at optimal distance to the plant canopy.

With an 4.2R value at 100mm thick, and coupled with a sealed controlled environment, the insulation is improved by approx 80% compared to a shipping container. External climate influences are also less impactful.

Custom HVAC design and dehumidifiers are capable of removing and recapturing over 100 litres of transpired or evaporated water from the air.

The ‘purpose-built’ 3x3x12m farm has an increase of 0.25m in height and 0.5m in width compared to a standard shipping container therefore allowing wider aisles for easy planting, crop inspections and harvesting.

Chemical free, NO pesticide, NO insecticides or herbicides. Clean fresh LOCAL produce.

Using less than 40lt of water a day. Inside the farm we are capable of removing and recapturing up to 100 litres of transpired or evaporated water from the air via our dehumidification process.



What can I grow in my Modular Farm?

Leafy greens, herbs, micro-herbs, brassicas, even tomatoes and strawberries!

Where can I put my Modular Farm?

Anywhere, hot or cold climate – all you need is access to water and power

Where can a farm live?

  • Remote communities and properties
  • Island communities and resorts
  • Food wholesalers and agents
  • Retailer outlets – supermarkets, food stores
  • Educational facilities
  • Small business owners
  • Government Research and Development
  • Restaurants, cafes, caterers
  • Urban spaces

Is it portable on a truck?

Yes! The Modular Farm was designed to be the absolute biggest container possible that could still ship on a freight truck.

How are the farm modules controlled?

Lighting, climate, fertigation and irrigation can all be controlled and automated by your cloud controllers. You can remotely see, monitor and control your farm with the Modular Farms App from your smartphone.

How much money can I make? Farmer ROI is very important to us. Our system is designed to maximize plant growth in order to ensure farmers are happy and successful. All farms are set up differently for different markets, however our team can work on a complete business plan with you.

For further information:
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