The COVID-19 shock to supply chains

The coronavirus pandemic is only the latest shock to supply chains – but COVID-19 is a wake-up call to businesses in terms of the cost of being under-prepared.
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A world without pesticides?

The pest control industry has evolved beyond the wanton destruction of pests at all costs.  Sandy MacKay, Technical Lead and Alex Wade, Technical Manager at PelGar International, seek to explain what makes an animal a pest, and consider whether there is still a place for pesticides, in this constantly evolving industry.
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Hygienic drainage solutions for the food industry

Do the floors in your food and beverage facility meet hygienic standards ?

Leading flooring company Stonhard discuss the importance of food safety and how their World’s Best Practice products deliver for the food industry. Read More

CLEAN HANDS – old dirt, new dirt

Hand hygiene is an area which has received a lot of attention lately, both in the health care industry and in the food industry.  As a result, there’s plenty of new research and new technologies around the topic of hand hygiene.  Here, we take a look at some old ideas and some new ideas.
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