Getting ready for a busy summer

To get your machines and your staff up to speed, Hoshizaki have gathered the most important info for ice maker operators in these quickly changing times.
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CODEX HACCP 2020 - What you need to know

A lot has changed since 2019. Including HACCP.
In 2019, the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene presented a final draft update which resulted in a 2020 Revision of CODEX HACCP. The HACCP methodology is now a chapter in its own right (not just an annex) along with GHP (Good Handling Practices). Martin Stone and Rachel Harris of HACCP Australia take a look at these changes. Read More

Sherwin-Williams develops quick-to-install pouch packaging for HACCP International certified industry leading FasTop™ flooring range

Award-winning innovators, Sherwin-Williams has developed a pouch packaging multi component format and extended the range for its industry-leading FasTop™ high performance flooring used throughout food factories and heavy industrial situations.
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A HACCP International certified product profile

Keeping on top of your pest control without the need for pesticides
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