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Improve your pest control business with effective and safe formulation - Provecta®

Controls pest populations in locations hard to access with no risk of resistance and leaves no toxic residues at the application sites. Act effectively, safely and economically.
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FZP, FZS, SSZ, NFZ!! - What do these ‘Food Zone’ codes mean on a HACCP International certificate?

You will find one of these codes on all HACCP International’s certificates. They are there to inform the user as to where, in a food handling operation, they are safe for use.
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Get the Latest in Hygiene and Efficiency

In direct response to the food processing industry’s need for a hygienic, food-safe, water-resistant paper towel dispenser, GP PRO introduces that first automated paper towel dispenser certified by HACCP International. The new enMotion® water resistant towel dispenser not only helps elevate food safety and hygiene but also operational efficiency and waste reduction.
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