Some of the least obvious products are the most vital and this is particularly true of the seals and gaskets that are used in most food production equipment.

Seal Innovations rubber and plastic production facility and manufacturing processes are specifically designed to meet the high quality and food safety standards demanded by the individual requirements of thousands of machines around the country as well as meeting the needs of world’s leading food safety schemes – particularly in terms of product contact material.

The production of non-toxic food products requires sealing systems made from non-toxic materials. Seal Innovations has access to modern high performance elastomeric materials that meet international food grade standards and also provide our customers maximum performance for equipment utilisation.

The Seal Innovations production facilities are the only available ones in Australia that are regularly audited and meet the standards of HACCP Australia.

Being able to produce rubber and plastic components for food production and packaging equipment in Australia safely and to the highest standards enables their customers to realise significant benefits through reductions to maintenance lead times and optimised equipment performance.

Seal Innovation’s bring access to modern elastomeric materials and manufacture which means customers can avoid equipment obsolescence with continued supply of specific seal kits, rubber and plastic components.

Seal Innovations engineers are working daily with maintenance and engineering managers of leading food and beverage producers and this sees their products being currently used in bottling plants, canning lines, filling machines, kneading machines and homogenisers throughout Australia and meeting very precise quality dosing requirements in the process.

“At Seal Innovations we take great care and pride as a leader and innovator of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Rotary and Static seals. We understand the exacting and demanding requirements materials must meet for food and beverage sealing applications. We can design and supply in our state of the art facilities high quality components in elastomers and plastics compliant with FDA and 3A standards, specially developed for CIP and SIP sterilisation processes. Our products comprise of static seals, gaskets, rotatory, linear hydraulic and pneumatic seals”.

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