PLUG IN Pest Free have been the leader in electromagnetic pest control technology for years. Launching in 1995 from its headquarters in Australia, PLUG IN Pest Free quickly gained recognition as a household name in the domestic market as it expanded globally. In 1996 the Pest Free Commercial Pest Management System (certified by HACCP International for the Australasia and Asia licence regions) was launched and caught the attention of various industries who strive for a more safe, convenient, humane, and proven way to control and combat rodent infestations. Industries include hospitality, food processing and restaurants, hospitals and aged care, correctional facilities, schools, wineries, and government departments to name a few.

For years the knee jerk reaction to treat rodent and pest infestations have been with the use of conventional methods that include toxic pesticides, traps, baits, and other harsh poisons. Unfortunately, with many of these types of applications, they can often attract the problem inside rather than prevent and keep the problem out. PLUG IN Pest Free has recognized this and took the approach to treat, deter, and work towards prevention instead of short term band-aid fixes traditional methods offer. For example, if you cast a line in the ocean with no bait on the hook, why would you attract the attention of a fish? Bait that hook and now you will gain the attention of fish nearby. The same can be considered when dealing and controlling rodent and pest issues inside your business premises. Rodents have an acute sense of smell and can be lured from quite a distance. So why bring them problem to you instead of keep the problem away from you? Laying traps, baits, and other toxic pesticides has the potential to attract the vermin in, when you really want to keep the vermin OUT! Hence, the convenient humane approach of PLUG IN Pest Free and our Commercial Pest Management System.

Utilizing the existing low-level electromagnetic field already generating along the active wiring within your premises, our Patented technology pulse modulates that existing field at predetermined intervals. This pulse modulating effect deters rodents and other pests within the area of influence of the existing field. Reaching deep in walls and other hard to reach or inaccessible areas traditional methods can’t reach, our Commercial Pest Management System is a Must Have for any restaurant or food processing plant serious about food hygiene and safety. Our Commercial Pest Management System will help significantly reduce the use of toxic pesticides and other harsh poisons applied around kitchens, food preparation, and dining areas.

A case study with a restaurant group had a serious ongoing issue with rats at one of their restaurants located in Boulder, Colorado. The issue was so serious they required weekly visits from a pest control company. However, after each weekly visit the staff would still encounter rats upon a daily basis. The problem to “fix” the issue was going nowhere. Contacting Pest Free USA, a time was made to personally meet with staff and management onsite at the restaurant for inspection. It was determined one Commercial Pest Management System would be installed. Pest Free USA requested ongoing monitoring of the rodent activity from both staff and management to determine if the current issue would be significantly reduced. The geographical location was challenging residing near an open waterway (a haven for rats). Cold winter weather conditions at the time of inspection and installation was another hurdle, as cold winter conditions is often a driving factor for rodents entering premises seeking warmth, safety and shelter. Despite the harsh and challenging conditions presented, our Commercial Pest Management System delivered on both performance and expectations resulting in no further sightings within several days of installation. This also resulted in reducing the need for ongoing weekly visits from their pest control company adding to annual cost savings, including less spoiled inventory due to rodent contamination. Another warehouse facility located in Miami, Florida were experiencing in excess of 7,000 rat sightings per year. This all but stopped after installing two of our Commercial Pest Management System units. These are just several of numerous success stories our Commercial Pest Management System have delivered.

All our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against parts and labor. For more information, please visit us at

* The ‘Pest Free Commercial Unit’ and ‘Pest Free Pro Unit’ are certified by HACCP International (Australasia and Asia licence regions) as food safe and an effective means of deterring rodents.