CCP Food Safety Monitoring Systems (HACCP lite)

A simplified food safety programme for smaller retail operations that meets the requirements of Standard 3.2.2A

HACCP Australia has developed a new system which delivers a low cost, effective and easy to use Food Safety Programme. The programme is called ‘CCP Food Safety’. As the name suggests, the system is based around the critical control point (CCP) part of a HACCP Programme…..really the pointy end of food safety management.

“We needed a simple programme to demonstrate and manage the safety of our food – (the) CCP Food Safety Programme delivers this 100%”

At around 10% of the cost of a fully implemented HACCP Programme to Codex standards, CCP Food Safety is a highly affordable alternative which provides a high level of due diligence for food safety management.

Our CCP Food Safety Programme® is designed for stand-alone customers in the food service industry and was developed in response to strong industry demand. Download our product brochure.

Programme Benefits;

  • Improved food safety and quality through a system based on an internationally recognised risk management platform – HACCP.
  • Complies with the requirements of Standard 3.2.2A in terms of monitoring and records for key food safety criteria and food handler training.
  • An appropriate level of due diligence for a food handling
  • Aligned with the key requirements of regulatory authorities.
  • A strong point of differentiation in a safety conscious market.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your outlet is operating to an appropriate standard and in compliance with food hygiene standards.
  • A programme which is auditable by an external party.
  • Demonstrate compliance with temperature control requirements of the national food safety standards.

The programme comprises:

  • A minimum of three 1-hour visits on-site with a qualified food scientist project manager, including:
  • A detailed food safety compliance audit and report on the operation;
  • Opportunities for improvement session;
  • On-site implementation training.
  • CCP Food Safety Programme certification audit.
  • Template documentation start-up kit.
  • 1 year web-based hosting and updates to your programme allowing the client to print as required.
  • Upon certification you will receive;
    • One Year Licence
    • Telephone Support
    • Food Safety Certificate
    • Window Display Decal

Download the CCP Application form: