Training is a key part of any food safety programme and for that reason we include packages in every implemented HACCP Programme and CCP Food Safety programme we conduct.

We also offer a number of specifically tailored programmes which can be conducted at your facility or our head office in North Sydney. We do not offer ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes as there are many low cost providers of these general programmes. Our programmes are specifically designed to yield maximum relevance to your operation which is proven to provide the greatest benefit to your personnel.

From our free workshop programmes (see below) to an intensive 5-day course, our programmes are designed to deliver what is important to your business.

Talk to us about your needs and you will find for groups of 6 or more, our rates are extremely competitive and a training programme will be designed for you that has lasting impact and relates directly to your operations.

“….one of the real and lasting benefits came from the presenter’s experience…I now find my own people quote the trainer’s words back to me during discussions on business directions so I guess the impact was spot-on”

Our trainers are food scientists that ‘do what we teach’. We are not simply presenters reading from a programme on subject matters which we have zero practical experience in. The wealth of experience and anecdotal information from our staff sets our training apart from any alternatives and provides a platform to relate easily to all levels within your organisation.

Consider the following formats for your operations;

Online Training Courses

HACCP Australia brings a range of outstanding courses to you via the WWW. The courses are practical, easy to access and include nationally recognised training modules. Included in the courses is the NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate course, Allergen Management, Basic Food Safety and Responsible Service of Alcohol. Click here to explore our on-line training options.

Structured Training Courses

These run between half day up to 5 day sessions depending on your needs and the outcomes desired. Courses typically include an interactive lecture style, multimedia presentations and individual / group activities.

Groups of up to 30 can be catered for during these sessions which can be run at a time and place to suit you. Discuss your needs with us and we can send you a training module outline to assist tailoring your programme.

Common courses include HACCP Development and implementation, audit preparation, internal auditing, operational efficiency, food safety, basic food microbiology, quality management and others.

            “we worked with HACCP Australia to develop a specific course for our operations people involved with our programme. The content was highly relevant and delivered flawlessly. The trainer was knowledgeable and all enjoyed the two days. We will run this course again in a year. Thank you.”

“really great and enjoyable. It really changed the way I think and do things which was something I will even pass on to my work-mates and friends”

Refresher Training

Refresher training sessions are designed to be short and intensive programmes which deliver the key points and skills that you need ‘bedded in’ to your staff.

Typically run at your facility, these programmes can be run either before or after your certification audits to minimize disruption to your business.

These programmes are also an excellent way to assist with staff induction and should be planned on a routine basis.

               “we did this after our audit so it was very convenient. Both the long termers and the new staff got a lot out of this and I was approached to run the programme again before our next audit….”

                 “….all good, I always notice the difference after these training sessions”

“this was the second time I have done this and I’m looking forward to the next”

“….it certainly has a good effect of focusing the staff on the important stuff again. Actually I borrowed one of the techniques from the trainer and used it on my horrible teenagers and it actually works on them too ! Brilliant !!”

Round Table Workshops

By popular demand our FREE round table workshop series is being run again. These focus on the development and implementation of food safety programmes and hygiene for food handlers. The workshops are tailored to retail food service but the information and format is also suitable for industrial customers.

The 2-hour sessions are conducted on the first Monday of each month at our North Sydney offices. There is a morning session at 10:00 am and an evening session at 5:00 pm. Places are strictly limited and it is essential to book ahead as these have proven to be very popular. Preference for attendance is given to members of the Restaurant and Catering Association.

Download the application form for these sessions here and fax or email to us at least one week before the scheduled date and we will confirm your attendance at the first available workshop.

                  “we have struggled with a few parts of our FSP for some time and I was surprised that I came home from the workshop with a bucket-load of solutions and improvements….”

“….some of the other people there had similar issues and I stole several ideas to make our system so much better”

“worthwhile and informative….I plan to send my staff on a rotational basis”

“ I was going to say; ‘good value for money’, but these are free (FREE !)….excellent !”

“…was a top trainer and knew almost as much about my business as I did. The session wasn’t long enough – I will definitely be back again”

“Thank you…this was really helpful”